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We are Mystically Holistic focusing on every area of your Great Life
Attracting Prosperity

Bodily Health
Practical money-making & life-changing opportunities for real wealth building. Become a successful entrepreneur with our training and mentorship. We offer several business models for you to start your own holistic business: 1) Organic Nutrition Promotion 2) Essential Oils Advocate Money spells are now practical real-world opportunities that can be enhanced by magickal means, yet the opportunity to build real tangible wealth is now an option. Ask us for a free consultation on either opportunity in-person or online.
Our body temple is usually completely over looked at a typical metaphysical center, but we are changing all of that. We offer a total life Transformation in 10 days. You'll break addictions to processed foods, lose 5-20 pounds in just 10 days, and learn to live a healthy, organic, non-GMO, lifestyle (gluten-free and vegan options). It's time we honor our body temple as the holy castle that it is. We can't leave home without it, so bring in your body for a 10 day Transformation consultation, or you can do so online and get the same experience.
We started out with Crystal University and are still offering the most inspired and in-depth courses 5 years later. Our flagship has been catering classes, workshops and courses to the individual because we are aware that everyone has a varying degree of interest and goal for putting their education into application (personal or professional uses) and we know that not everyone has the same schedule and availability. Hence, our private and group by appointment structure has reigned supreme. Catering each lesson per student is our passion. We teach in-person or online.

What sets us apart from the outer world, is inside The Crystal Closet
2 Ways to Shop

Heal and Reveal
Spend Your Time Here
Our enchanted location is in beautiful uptown Mount Dora in our private park-like setting. Our shop offers the usual suspects, healing crystals, gemstone jewelry, incense, spiritual gifts, essential oils, candles, books, herbs, clothes and more. We hand select or hand make what we sell and spending your dollars here ensures you'll capture our shop's essence and bring it home with you to make it part of your life.

Our online shop features a complete mystic-holistic mall of virtual shops that our customers love. It's huge and growing! These shops are partnered with us and have been hand selected based on their unique, rare, offerings.
Healings are Readings have been our foundation for the past 5 years and have always been our passion. We are available by appointment for both Energy Work and Spiritually Guided Readings.
Services we offer include:
Readings (Tarot, Oracle, Spiritual/Intuitive, Angels, Pendulum, other...)
Healings (Amethyst BioMat, Reiki, Crystal Healings, Chakra Alignments, ThetaHealing®, Chi Machine, Shamanic Clearings, Sound Therapy, more...)
Mentoring (Co-creative Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Inspired Motivating, Life Training, more...)
From our Crystal Aromatherapy Halo O2 Bar to our serene Hookah Garden, you'll want to spend more than your dollars here in our shop. The energy and atmosphere of our resident giant crystals will entice you to stay longer than you may have intended. So there are more things to do while you're here that give you that excuse you need to allow yourself to throw your cares to the wind, and wind down into our peaceful, tranquil landscape. We host fairs and authors, music and seasonal gatherings for those who want something fun to do, but for those who are still trying to escape the hustle and fuss of the outer world. Escape here to our sanctuary of peace, and good, grounding times.

We live and learn and then go out and live what we learned
Popular Classes & Workshops

Home Study
Online Learning
For Personal or Professional Use
Favorite Classes:
Learn to do Readings (Tarot, Oracle, Spiritual/Intuitive, Angels, Pendulum, Psychometry, other...)
Learn to Perform Healings (Reiki, Crystal Healings, Chakra Alignments, Transmutation and Clearings, more...)
Metaphysics (Natural Law, Spiritual Rays, Law of Attraction, Mental Alchemy, Nature of The Universe, Indigo Children, Crystal Kingdom, Plant Kindgom, Animal Totems, Crystal Yoga, more...)
Favorite Workshops:
Intuitive Painting, Fairy Pots, Fairy Fashion, Jewelry Making, Dream Pillows
Our courses and even our workshops are able to be taught as a home-study. We provide everything online. Whether it be instruction with photos, videos, mp3's, phone lectures, emailed written procedures, or live chat in our virtual classroom The Crystal Classroom, we've got your education and participation covered. Now matter where you are in the world you can study with us.
No matter what your goal is, your practice of your learned studies can be applied to your own life or to professional settings where applicable. So if you're focused on bettering your own life or the lives of others, you'll come away with practical, insightful tools and know-how to feel confident enough to put your wisdom to action in the real world. Should your goal be to teach what we teach, in the way we teach it, we allow for Teacher Certifications on an approved basis.

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Welcome to The Crytal Closet
Request the solution to your health and prosperity, right now!
Request info on healing and revealing these fundamental aspects of your life
by dropping us a line: here! 
We'll send you videos on how to truly resolve your health and create your wealth.
Help yourself, then help others. Pay forward what really works.
Here's what's going on at The Crystal Closet in 2016.
At our store in Mount Dora, you'll find for purchase:
Crystals of all kinds, large and small, from giant Amethysts to tumbled stones
Healing Crystal Jewelry with something for every age, every taste and style
Incense, a huge variety, hard to find natural scents from around the globe
Gifts for the metaphysical, natural and holistic people in your life
Oils from the magickal to the therapeutic, featuring our oils member club
Herbs and salt baths, teas and more with a moderate selection, huge catalog
Health Foods lifestyle club membership for the body temple
To enjoy while spending some time:
O2 Aromatherapy Bar with crystals and halo (salt) therapy
Hookah Garden with a natural herbal or aromatherapy menu

Services we offer in 2016 include:

Readings (Tarot, Oracle, Spiritual/Intuitive, Angels, Pendulum, other...)
Healings (Amethyst BioMat, Reiki, Crystal Healings, Chakra Alignments, ThetaHealing®, Chi Machine, Shamanic Clearings, Sound Therapy, more...)
Mentoring (Co-creative Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Inspired Motivating, Life Training, more...)

Classes we offer and enjoy:

~ Mount Dora, FL Store Hours ~
Thurs-Sun 1:00pm - 6:00pm (open to the public)
Mon-Wed By Appointment Only (closed to the public)
With Event Days & After Hours Classes & Events

~ Shop Online Now 24 / 7 / 365 ~


Book a Reading by appointment! ...in-person with Native Shaman Starseed Indigo Owner of @thecrystalcloset Book and pre-pay by calling 407-878-2700 (currently no same day appointments) Hours: 12-8 daily Not local? Please go to our website and book a distance Reading through our Online Shop.

Posted by The Crystal Closet on Thursday, April 9, 2015

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Evolve Fit Wear - Best brands in Yoga & Activewear

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! All Green Color Jewelry 25% OFF

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3 Tower Gardens
Puts the whole Family Farm on your porch!

We are an Official Distributor of Tower Gardens!
See our set up at The Crystal Closet by appointment.
Enjoy a personal tour and buying experience.

 Fall into Autumn waters!
We think these are way cool
for Kids, Women & Men:

You've come to the right place.

The Media's Celebs use Crystal Energy

What's in our Autumn Diffuser:
Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade
Essential Oils

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The Crystal Closet is the "Home of the Starseed Indigo Children"  
Mount Dora, FL's own Metaphysical Center for Intuitive Readings, Healings, Weekly Meditation and Crystal Yoga! Conveniently located near the Orlando International Airport and all of the attractions in Orlando and Kissimmee, The Crystal Closet ~ Metaphysical Center & Gift Shop is nestled in the enchanted artsy, craft-fair area of Mount Dora, which is the Sister City of Forres, Morayshire, Scotland. The Crystal Closet is an artsy and whimsical, out-of-this-world Starseed Sanctuary meant to bring each visitor an experience far from the everyday. Our guests say that inspiration, peace, tranquility and a sense of belonging greets them as soon as they arrive on the grounds.

~ Store Hours ~
Mon-Wed Closed
Thurs-Sun 12:00pm - 6:00pm
With Event Days & After Hours Classes & Events
~ Shop Online 24 / 7 / 365 ~
View our commercial!
(Song 'Ethereal' by TCC Owner Jorge "GeoHawk" Garcia, Music & Video Production by TCC Owner Rayna Tamarin Angeleri Garcia)

Upon entering  The Crystal Closet, an aura of light awakens the senses. Guests remark how pleasant the scent is inside and how high the energy is. There certainly hasn't been a place like The Crystal Closet that they have yet encountered,while many have been searching. Here, you'll find everything you need to create your own sacred space, to replenish it and to decorate it. The sparkling crystals, peaceful statues, sacred metaphysical items, candles, herbs, oils, books and teas and hand-crafted jewelry delights and inspires in the refreshing atmosphere. The in-store catalogs add to the physical inventory and extend our shop to fulfill all of your needs. We carry tools and aids for the healing artist and help you brush up on your skills, or learn a new one. We're sure to engage even the most energetically selective and sacred lifestyle. We practice a mindfully holistic lifestyle: uniting the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body. 

One of our main features is selling local products. Many of our products are hand made by the owners and local individuals and local companies. Our clientele loves that we are not a carbon copy of catalog Metaphysical stores. We are very different, yet we do also have what you've come to expect from New Age and Spiritual / Metaphysical retail stores too. We have found a happy balance of the expected and the unexpected to stock our shelves and represent you, the customer.

The Crystal Closet is always full of new hidden treasures.
Have you been in this week?

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What's Cord/Chord Cutting and can you benefit from it? A Cord is an emotional, mental or energetic thread; a type of attachment to something or someone. A Chord is a Universal musical term, in context relating to being in harmony / in sync, or discord with your Higher Self, and best outcome in any are of your life experiences. In such a Session, together, we cut ties from any energies that have been holding you back. Allow yourself to "Let it go!" Move forward, being freed from the things you think are holding you back, and become lighter in the process. It's time to break free, forgive and release. Just about anyone and everyone can benefit from such a release. The result is a clean, light, powerful, feeling of stability and a renewed sense of security and confidence.

Create your own Gift Certificate now! Birthday or other occasion fast approaching? Make sure to get your favorite mystical friend or merry family member what they really want: the ability to choose for themselves from our shelves! Our gift certificates are the very best choice as the gift that gives back and keeps on giving positivity and usefulness on your loved one's own spiritual journey. The Gift Certificate options for purchase below are redeemable for in-store use only. Please Contact Us if you don't receive the Email containing your printable Gift Certificate within a few hours. We'll gladly make sure it's sent.

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